Old crafts of Tyrol / LORENZ Woodcarving
Annually a traditional crafts trade show takes place in Seefeld /Tyrol. We gladly present there our special pieces and allow all visitors a valuable insight into the art of woodcarving.

12.09. – 13.09.2009 / Seefeld

The association of the businessmen from Seefeld presents and arranges this traditional event for the tenth time. Craftsmen from the North, South and East of Tyrol come to Seefeld each year. A small group of the neighbouring Bavaria is present since 1998. Housewives from Seefeld and farmers from the surrounding complete this celebration.

The association of the businessmen from Seefeld set high standards, to achieve the natural character of this event and to advance it constantly. Out of the treasure of experience of eight organized celebrations a specialty was developed.

This event has no equal in Tyrol and not only in Austria, but also in Germany, North Italy and Switzerland it rates high. The “old craft” is shown at about 100 positions and open spaces. Joiners, turners, carpenters, woodcarvers and sculptors, basket workers and broom – makers; a rock oil distillery, wheel makers from the North and South of Tyrol, carvers of masks, a carver of horns from Kramsach, a knife grinder and a hops binder get there.

You can see how sheep`s wool is worked up, how they frisk and mill the sheep`s wool. The out – dying craft of a shoemaker, a maker of the special South Tyrolean instrument the “Raffele”, a violin maker and the “Sarner Reggeler” are represented. You can see inlays made of wood and horn and flower arrangers. Since many years the women Eder and Kleinlerche from Kals in the East of Tyrol come, they spin and knit and sing wonderful folksongs with joy.

The handcraft of the dent – carving which has become rare is shown by South- and East Tyrolean craftsmen. A hand weaver from the Zillertal demonstrates his professional competence on an ancient weaving loom. There is a smithery where the goldsmith Stefan Armbruster shows his competence in old aged techniques. A gold embroiderer from the Wildschönau produces finest handiworks. Glas – engravers, pieces of pottery and handmade ceramic according to ancient artwork can be seen. The marble school from Laas shows stone sculpting and assistants of the “Archeopark Schnals” melt copper and work it up to objects of utility.

In the “Kapitelsaal” of the parish church of Seefeld a special exhibition around the garb takes place in 2007. Rare and historical garbs are presented and you can watch a dressmaker of garbs, a woman knipling, a quill pen embroiderer, a dressmaker of lederhosen and a belt- and buckle – maker. Mrs. Kerer from East Tyrol shows how to entwist an original straw hat from Kals.

On the way to the “Kapitelsaal” from the village square along the church wall, ancient rural tools of the trade are shown. And directly in front of the “Kapitelsaal” there is an oil distillery, which blows off its damp of distillery every quarter of an hour. The music doesn`t come off badly. Allocated to the whole pedestrian zone, at eight locations music is made. Live – music without sound amplifier, a pleasure for a lover of authentic folk music.